• Ad launched, budget spent, now what ? Our ad efficiency tests track first impressions and long-term effect.

  • On-site eye tracking analyses attention areas, span and sequence on all customer-facing content

  • Facial coding assesses the appeal of moving images such as online campaigns or TV ads.

About us

MindTake is a full-service market and opinion research agency with 15 years experience in digital research in the German-speaking countries and central and eastern Europe. We are the leading market research agency in digital advertising effectiveness  in Austria and CEE/SEE, with a multilingual team of 40 staff in our Vienna, Zurich, Riga and Athens offices.

With our proprietary Online Access Panels in 21 countries of the CEE/SEE and an in-house technical team, we specialise in quantitative and qualitative research online, both through individualised consulting as well as standardised tools and products that cover a range of research needs, from market segmenation, audience verification, cross-media campaign evaluation, brand perception and performance, to customer journeys, focus groups, product tests and customer satisfaction surveys.


We are a member of ESOMAR, IAB Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece and Czech Republic, MMA, VMÖ und Austrian Chamber of Commerce, and a cooperation and research partner of the University of Vienna and the Vienna School of Economics.