Access to half a million people in 21 countries

MindTake enjoys a close relationship with a sister company operating one of the largest field providers in Austia and central and southeastern Europe. Run through a network of representative offices and local project managers in each of its 21 countries, it can draw on its panel base of 480 000 people  to create a list of participants for any target-specific survey - be it market research or opinion research. It also serves as a pool for MindTake's tracking and metering projects that allow us to collect behavioral data, cross-device and throughout the day, to better understand customer journeys and user behavior. 

  • Proprietary panels offering deep insights into consumer opinions, attitudes and wishes

Deep profiling for better insights

We constantly refine and update our deep profiling of all users on our panels: we are currently collecting data across some 400 attributes including personal and family status, employment, education, shopping and finances, automotive, media consumption and device usage. All our panelists are registered triple-opt-in. They are deemed active according to ISO standards, meaning they must show activity at least once a year.




  • From focus groups and round tables to interviews and assessments - an ideal space in the heart of Vienna.

Focus groups and in-depth interviews

Right in the heart of Vienna, our offices feature a state of the art interview room with a one-way mirror plus a video recording and simultaneous translation audio system. We take care of the entire process, from finding interviewees to moderating, catering and transcribing, and can arrange custom packages for any level of involvement.