Is your brand leading or lagging? Our survey and analysis tools can supply answers for the past and insight for the future.

You think you know your audience? You might still be suprised.

Is your marketing campaign working? Our survey and analysis tools are there to help it along.

Rational choice or emotional decision? We help you understand your potential customers better than ever before.

Does your product stand out from the competition? We can find out how and why.

Does your product stand out from the competition? We can find out how and why.


Our advertising research helps our clients, and the agencies that serve them, build strong, lasting brands based on effective online advertising campaigns. From research on demographics, target groups and feedback, to ad testing and campaign evaluation across all online media including social media, MindTake offers both standardised tools as well ascustom solutions that can provide comparable information and benchmark results, no matter which country the research takes place.

Tools like AdCheckWebImpact and WebImpact Plus can help measure the impact of your online ad campaign through pre- and post-campaign tests measuring the impact of online advertising on the recognition and popularity of a brand/product, how the image of a brand/product changes through online advertising, whether people like or what impressions they get from a particular ad and whether or how that leads to a change of attitude towards a particular brand.  

The MindTake ScreenCheck uses the latest eye-tracking technology to establish where and how an ad attracts the attention of a user online.

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