Rational choice or emotional decision? We help you understand your potential customers better than ever before.

Is your marketing campaign working? Our survey and analysis tools are there to help it along.

Why do people make the choices they make? We help you understand your potential customers better than ever before. 

Digital research channels: more than one way to reach your audience

Is your brand leading or lagging? Our survey and analysis tools can supply answers for the past and insight for the future.

MindTake Research: full-service, in-house.


Image is everything, and brand image can be the make-or-break factor in any business venture. Do you know how well your brand is known in what circles, how it is regarded by clients and non-clients, and how strong it is compared to the competition?

MindTake's standardised BrandTracking and AssociationCheck tools use multimedia stimuli to measure how and in what context your brand is seen by which target groups, helping you build and expand on your brand's strengths and moving quickly to address any weaknesses or unwanted connections. 

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